TOMOE began when 3 people who have the same passion for bags met in 2005.
A coming together among TRION, the leather bag brand known for its pursuit of simplicity of
bag as a tool and also known as the world’s #1 baseball glove manufacturer; HOZUKIYA, bag
craftsmen making Japan’s best brand of bags; and HIKARU MATSUMURA , the designer
known for his unique bag designs.

Having been engaged in the business of bag design and manufacture, the 3 had already been
interacting in different ways. Initiated by TRION, they joined hands to create a new concept
that appeals to modern lifestyle. The theme is “Modern leather bag inspired by Japanese
Philosophy”. A minimalist design concept with attention to details, it is a hybrid of product
design and craftsmanship.

After more than 2 years of perfecting the design, the new bag line of TOMOE was born in
November 2015. Carefully checked with keen eyes trained in manufacturing, each piece bears
the quality by the best skills of craftsmen creating the uniquely minimal and functional
designed bags.

TOMOE implies “three” in Japanese. Each bag is a product of a great collaboration of design,
craftsmanship and quality of manufacture.