TRION: it is the world’s leading manufacturer of baseball gloves and known for the leather
bags using its manufacturing techniques. HOZUKIYA: skilled craftsmen of bags.
HIKARU MATSUMURA: the designer is known for his unique and innovative bag designs.

In 2016, these three individuals having the same passion for creation met as initiated by TRION.
TOMOE is looking beyond hybrid products based on craftsmanship and functionality.

The spirit of never compromising on quality from glove manufacturing,
highly skilled craftsmen, minimal and functional design are elements
integrated in our manufacturing principle.


TOMOE is derived from the Japanese word, “mitsu-tomoe” that represents triad symbol.
Each bag is essentially comprised of three elements:
functionality, craftsmanship and

TOMOE is a simple and flexible working bag that fits into diversified lifestyles and
changing work environment.


Technology has made our lives easier, while excessive functions and unnecessary
decorations all around us made more complicated. Moreover, inflexible forms and excessive functions lead to lack of usability.

TOMOE has started to take another look at business bag design to step forward.

Finding beauty in simplicity and practicality defines the aspects of Japanese modernism.
We value the traditional Japanese aesthetics and create outside the box.

TOMOE will strive for minimalist appearance and stylish bag that blends in our modern society.

―Hikaru Matsumura


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